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Recycling Equipment Canada and Iris-Mec launch visual component for vehicle depollution systems

For auto recyclers, being able to see used fuel as it is being extracted can Result in higher purity of recovered fuel

Iris-Mec’s PFT-Visual fuel extraction system with glass reservoirs for good and bad fuel.
Iris-Mec’s PFT-Visual fuel extraction system with glass reservoirs for good and bad fuel.

The new end-of-life vehicle (ELV) processing regulations now in force in Ontario and coming to other provinces are having a significant impact on the automobile recycling sector. With increased depollution requirements, Recycling Equipment Canada (REC), based in Waterloo, Ontario, set out to find the safest, easiest-to-use, and highest-quality solution to enable its auto recycling customers to meet the new standards. REC focused its search on Europe, where similar regulations have been in place longer, and concluded that Iris-Mec equipment was the right choice. Since launching Iris-Mec in Canada in 2014, REC has sold many systems to used auto parts and scrap metal recycling customers. 

According to REC, auto dismantlers and scrap dealers understand that even a small amount of contaminated fuel can spoil an entire storage tank of good-quality fuel. That's why being able to see the fuel as it is being extracted is so important. 

Iris-Mec's proven line of fuel drills do come equipped with a sight glass, so that users can see the state of fuel as drilling is taking place. This feature is great for newer vehicles, where it's less likely that the fuel being extracted will be bad quality. With older vehicles, however, it's more likely that there will be significant contamination, so that viewing the fuel through a regular sight glass in the fuel drill might not give users enough time to properly evaluate what they are seeing.

To address this problem, Iris-Mec now offers the new PFT-Visual, a safe and very efficient system for extracting fuel from ELVs. The PFT-Visual is equipped with a large glass reservoir (top) that allows users to see a much larger quantity of fuel while it's being extracted, compared to traditional systems. This lets recyclers see more of the fuel as it is being extracted and allows for more time to evaluate fuel as the reservoir fills, so users can decide whether to divert fuel to their "good" or "bad" tanks. The PFT-Visual is available for gas and diesel extraction systems.

Also recently, Iris-Mec has added the same visual component to their popular ISQ and IBQ vehicle depollution systems (above). This option adds to the versatility of these systems by allowing the operator to see fuel while it is being extracted, for efficient diversion to either good or bad fuel tanks. This visual component can also be added to existing ISQ or IBQ depollution systems, as a module.  

The Iris-Mec IBQ vehicle depollution system with visual option.
Fuel drill with sight glass.

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