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Complete packages for MRF/MSW applications available from Eriez

Magnetic separators, ECS and metal loss monitoring equipment make up range of equipment

Complete packages for MRF/MSW applications available from Eriez

Eriez offers complete materials recovery facilities (MRF) and municipal solid waste (MSW) packages designed to monitor metal losses and effectively separate ferrous and nonferrous metals, paper, cardboard and plastics. Eriez MRF/MSW packages include advanced magnetic separators, eddy current separators and metal loss monitoring equipment.

“MRFs around the country utilize our equipment to minimize waste sent to landfill and maximize profits by recovering higher levels of marketable grades of metal and plastics,” says Chris Ramsdell, Product Manager-Recycling Equipment. “While other manufacturers offer pieces of the puzzle, Eriez provides complete end-to-end metal recovery solutions for MRF/MSW.”

Eriez Suspended Magnets, Drum Magnets and AIP Magnetic Pulleys are used to safely and efficiently recover ferrous metals. Technological advancements in separation equipment now enable recovery of valuable ferrous and nonferrous metals less than 1-inch (2.54 cm) in diameter from the fines waste stream. Eriez Eddy Current Separators separate aluminum cans (UBCs) or other nonferrous metals. Recent Eriez Eddy Current testing at an MRF in Florida showed UBC recovery rates in excess of 99 percent.

The Eriez Metal Loss Monitor continually tracks metal losses and counts UBCs or other metals missed by upstream separation equipment, making maintenance issues and adjustment requirements easy to spot. The data gathered also offers beneficial insight needed to properly evaluate whether additional or different separators should be incorporated to reduce metal losses.

Eriez' recovery methods also include the use of electromagnetic feeders to help meter plastic regrind and heavy duty feeders to spread and singulate materials to sorters.

Eriez says their experts work with customers to select specific equipment models based on their unique application needs. Eriez equipment particularly suited for MRF/MSW includes Suspended Self-Cleaning Magnets, CP 20/80 Suspended Permanent Magnets, AIP Magnetic Pulleys, RevX-E® Eddy Current Separators and Metal Loss Monitors.

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