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New SM 720 SA screen is highly mobile, productive and adaptable to wide range of materials

Doppstadt's latest screen separates input, from organics to C&D and scrap, into up to six different fractions

New SM 720 SA screen is highly mobile, productive and adaptable to wide range of materials

Designed to be extremely powerful, versatile, user-friendly and applicable anywhere, the new Doppstadt SM 720 SA Plus screen offers a solution for operators who have to process large quantities of various recyclables in different places quickly and reliably. Recycling enterprises, compost and earth-working plants, underground engineering, gravel and sand operators or container services can separate nearly any solid input material into up to six different fractions by means of this screen: construction rubble, industrial waste, biomass or garbage, plastic, glass, paper or wood, sand, gravel, scrap or slag. The SM 720 SA Plus adapts to the screening tasks by component change.

20 Percent Higher Pile Volume

Compared to model it replaces, this new screen is considerably larger and more powerful: The 7,2 m³ hopper can be filled continuously, the screen can receive and discharge more bulk material in shorter time. The rear and side discharge conveyors are longer, so that the conical pile becomes higher and larger by a quarter and has to be removed less frequently. The driving power of the trommel has nearly doubled (plus 40 per cent) thus enabling a higher throughput. Furthermore, the SM 720 SA Plus adapts to changing screening requirements. It can be equipped with various screening trommels with different mesh sizes. Different recyclables can be processed in one machine, the trommels can be changed without tools in less than fifteen minutes. Even the user-friendliness of the machine has been optimized: Start and stop and the screening trommel speed are controlled comfortably at the machine rear.

In only 15 minutesSM 720 SA Plus Screen is ready to leave – with clean engine performance

A further advantage of the new SM 720 SA screen is its mobility. As a semi-trailer it is transported on the roads without special permit. „In spite of its size, the SM 720 SA Plus can be used nearly anywhere “, product manager Karsten Runge explains. "Just tow it to the truck, fold away the projecting components and go to the site of operation.“ The Doppstadt machine is efficient and clean: it complies with the exhaust limit values of Euro IV (Tier 4 final). "An environmental enterprise must take the environment protection seriously," adds Runge. "Our machine solutions are separating with EU IV / Tier 4 exhaust standard engines. On this point, we are pioneers in our branch.“

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