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NWRA releases white paper on the State of Organics Recovery

Study looks at components of organics in the waste stream, strategies for implementing programs and growing technology to aid in this work

NWRA releases white paper on the State of Organics Recovery

The National Waste & Recycling Association (NWRA) recently released a free white paper on the State of Organics Recovery. Most North Americans are not aware of the fact that organic waste is the largest portion of waste stream by weight. Yet because of this fact, organics recovery is increasingly seen as an option for increasing recovery of materials in the waste stream.

This 20-page document examines the prospects for increased recovery of the organics fraction of the waste stream. It looks at the components and amount of organic waste, the existing recovery infrastructure, both in terms of operating facilities and the legislative and regulatory framework governing those programs, the technologies used to recover organics and what is necessary to increase organics recovery. Food waste receives particular interest in the white paper.

Key take-aways from this white paper include:

  • There is a growing interested in recovering organics and increasing overall diversion from disposal
  • There has been marked success with the recovery of yard waste but less so with food waste at this time
  • The number of states requiring collection of food waste from larger food generators is increasing
  • Those looking to implement program have many options to work from to develop their strategies including in-facility management devices
  • Groups are advised to analyze local waste stream data rather than rely on national data for their planning
  • In-store food waste management and diversion activities are anticipated to increase in the future, lowering the amount available for recovery activities.

CLICK HERE TO ORDER the “State of Organics Recovery” white paper. This free white paper is compiled by NWRA’s Director of Policy and Advocacy, Chaz Miller and Director of Waste and Recycling Technology, Anne Germain.

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