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MSS optical sorters feature updated wire and colour sorting technologies

The new L-VIS optical sorter with updated ColorMask and WireHawk technologies.
The new L-VIS optical sorter with updated ColorMask and WireHawk technologies.

MSS, Inc., the optical sorter division of the CP Group, is introducing two technology updates for its L-VIS high-resolution colour and shape optical sorter. ColorMask is MSS's proprietary illuminated reference technology and is featured in all L-VIS units. The most recent design update features improved sorting accuracy for materials with difficult colours and weak contrast, like dark green circuit boards and black insulated wires. The L-VIS analyzes materials in flight over the ColorMask illuminated reference which is adjustable in colour and light intensity for maximum contrast and accuracy.

“The L-VIS continues to handle increasingly challenging materials,” says Felix Hottenstein, MSS Sales Director. “The improved ColorMask technology now allows our customers to utilize L-VIS in even more sorting applications.”

MSS has also updated WireHawk, the software algorithm behind the company’s patented wire shape identification technology specifically designed for electronic and automotive scrap applications. WireHawk recognition for L-VIS provides customers with increased recovery rates for even the smallest and thinnest wires, resulting in higher returns for high-value commodities.

Greg Thibado, MSS Vice President, says, “We are very excited with the additional capabilities and flexibility that the combination of the ColorMask and WireHawk technologies bring to the L-VIS platform. We expect our customers to see an uptick in paybacks on the equipment."

As with all MSS optical sorters, additional identification capabilities can be added with MSS's latest version of its induction sensor, the MetalSort II. Further fine-tuned sorting of ferrous, non-ferrous, and stainless steel is made possible in combination with the color and shape sorting capabilities of the L-VIS.

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