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New separator splitter separates up to three fractions without plugging and wrapping

Doppstadt to show Splitter X2 at Bauma 2016

The DOPPSTADT SPLITTER X2 separates stones and soils, material from landfill reclamation, mixed construction wate and scrap.
The DOPPSTADT SPLITTER X2 separates stones and soils, material from landfill reclamation, mixed construction wate and scrap.

Full-line supplier Doppstadt has announced the completion of the company's full product range for separation technology. Developed in partnership with Anlagenbau Günther GmbH, the new Splittler X2 is a unique technology designed to separate up to three different material streams. Spiral shafts discharge heavy and cubical materials to one side, light and long pieces "swim" on top and are discharged in running direction, while smaller pieces fall through the shafts. Depending on the material, plugging and wrapping are not factors. 

At the 31st "Bauma 2016", from 11 to 17 April 2016 in Munich, Doppstadt will showcase the Splitter X2 and inform attendees about the precise separation of sticky and cohesive materials, which are difficult to screen, in order to achieve an optimum raw material yield.

The multi-purpose separator SPLITTER X2 loosens, separates and doses various materials without requiring pre-treatment. Mixed construction waste can be treated as well as stones and soil, metal scrap, slag and landfill residues, and these machines are equally suited for mobile and stationary applications.

According to Doppstadt, the Splitter X2 provides various advantages when compared to traditional screening systems. While high individual weights can cause failures, damage or even machine breakdowns with conventional screening systems, the Splitter X2 discharges contaminants sideways, or in running direction. Materials such as wires cannot get caught, textiles will not get wrapped or form a braid. Since the spirals are only fixedly suspended on one side they turn out the materials by rotation, the separation is carried out almost without plugging or wrapping. Furthermore, the system is self-cleaning without requiring a manual cleaning like screening systems.

Co-Operation Creates Synergy: Doppstadt Co-Operates with Anlagenbau Günther GmbH

The development and sales of the new Splitter is the first co-operation of the Doppstadt Group and Anlagenbau Günther GmbH in the field of mechanical engineering. Doppstadt sells the entire product range of Splitter separation solutions and provides after-sales service, along with worldwide spare parts supply. Both Anlagenbau Günther and Doppstadt vouch for the quality and reliability of the new product. CEO Ferdinand Doppstadt says he is counting more and more on the co-operation: "We network with the best suppliers in the fields of machine construction and environmental technology. By combining expertise, knowledge, experience, know-how and inventive talent, we achieve the best possible result for our customers."

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