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ISRI Launches Video Promoting the Value of Recycled Electronics

Recycled Commodities Series: Electronics

A new video aimed at providing the public with more information on the value and impact of the electronics recycling industry was introduced at this year's E-Scrap Conference, held September 1-3 in Orlando by the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI). As part of a series focusing on recyclable commodities, the electronics recycling video details the overall impact of the industry, and brings to life the commodity's environmental and economic impact citing numerous statistics and industry facts.

“The electronics recycling video showcases many of the great accomplishments of the electronics recycling industry,” said Robin Wiener, president of ISRI. “The recycling commodity video series as a whole draws attention to and helps educate the public on the many environmental, economic, and energy-saving benefits recycling offers. We are proud to continue offering new tools and resources on behalf of the industry and the members and communities we serve, as well as innovative ways to serve as the Voice of the Recycling Industry.”

The new video is a visual presentation of the electronics fact sheet, ISRI's jobs and economic impact study, and other ISRI resources that are designed to educate people on the role that the electronics recycling industry plays in their daily lives and beyond.

Videos on the overall impact of the recycling industry, paper recycling, ferrous metals recycling, plastics recycling, and tires and rubber recycling were previously released. 

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