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IRIS-MEC expands lineup in Canadian and U.S. auto recycling markets


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55 Northfield Drive East, Suite 157
Waterloo, ON
CA, N2K 3T6


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3500 Lorain Ave., Suite 505
Cleveland, OH
US, 44113


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With manufacturing based in Italy, IRIS-MEC is a relative newcomer to the North American auto recycling sector over the past year. In 2015, the company says they launched new state-of-the-art auto recycling equipment that is not only efficient, but sets the bar for technology vs price and will take any automotive recycling facility to the next level when it comes to efficiency and environmental compliance.

The latest models available from IRIS-MEC are the IBQ and the ISQ. The IBQ features a vehicle rack with an integrated and simple-to-use fuel tank drill for gasoline extraction, a split oil pan that separates engine from gear oil, as well as extractors for coolant, windshield washer fluid, brake fluid and shock absorber oil. The entire system is operated pneumatically for ease of use and safety. The ISQ system is the same as the IBQ but without the integrated vehicle rack.

IRIS-MEC solutions can be tailor-made so as to meet the needs of all small, medium and large scaled businesses, be it through new, used or customized equipment. All IRIS-MEC equipment is designed to be extremely user friendly, technologically advanced and safe. Additionally, IRIS-MEC says they continue to partner with some of the world’s largest auto manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes and FIAT/Chrysler, allowing these manufacturers to quickly and efficiently process test vehicles and prototypes in an environmentally-sound way.

IRIS-MEC equipment is distributed in Canada by Recycling Equipment Canada (REC) and in the U.S. by OBC Baling (OBC).