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CDE shortlisted for European Construction Recycling Award

C&D waste recycling plant at Feess Erdbau
C&D waste recycling plant at Feess Erdbau

Materials washing specialists, CDE Global has been shortlisted for the European Construction Recycling Awards which are organised by the European Quality Association for Recycling (EQAR).

EQAR includes members from 11 European Countries and represents more than 400 companies operating in the recycling sector in Europe. The aim of the association is to promote the production of high quality and quality controlled recycling materials from mineral waste.

CDE Global has made the shortlist for the EQAR Award following recent developments of the processing systems they offer for the recycling of construction, demolition and excavation waste. These have included a series of product innovations which increase the mobility of the system and the development of a new R2500 primary screening unit as a feed system for their CD&E waste recycling plants.

The new design also reduces plant footprint, improves the quality of the washed recycled sand and aggregates and offers a new sludge management system which maximizes the recovery of process water for recirculation to the washing plant and delivers a consistent sludge to the final sludge management process.

“The ultimate aim of all of these developments has been to ensure we are able to extract maximum value from construction, demolition and excavation waste material by maximizing re-use and minimizing waste” explains Marc Jennings, CDE Programme Manager for this project.

All of these developments were realized in a project that was completed for Feess Erdbau near Stuttgart, Germany. Feess Erdbau is a family owned business specializing in transportation, civil engineering, demolition and recycling and the CDE washing plant is located at their site in Kircheim Recycling Park on the outskirts of Stuttgart.

Over the last 20 years Feess Erdbau has demonstrated a commitment to the adoption of the latest recycling technologies and the connection with CDE was first made at the Bauma trade show in Munich, Germany in 2013. Commenting on the plant Mr Walter Feess, Managing Director said “Expanding our portfolio of recycled sand and aggregates and offering our customers first class waste management services has been and will continue to be a very important focus for us. Our investment in this advanced processing technology proves our commitment to improving the quality of materials recycled from construction, demolition and excavation waste.”

CDE will host a demonstration event in Stuttgart on 9th and 10th June - the second demonstration event hosted at the site following an event in September 2014.

Speaking about the event, CDE Business Development Manager in Germany, Mr Paul Larkin said “Following successful delivery of the project for Feess Erdbau and the excellent response to the first demonstration event we have continued to promote the capability of our technology across Germany. We are pleased with the response that we have had and the willingness of a broad range of companies to visit the plant and discover the potential that exists to turn construction, demolition and excavation waste into a quality recycled product with a broad range of construction applications.”

The project for Feess Erdbau represents the latest stage in the development of the CDE recycling plant for construction, demolition and excavation waste. The company has been supplying these systems since 2005 and currently have systems operating in 5 European countries as well as in India and Latin America.

CDEnviro has also developed systems for the recycling of road sweepings and these are currently operational in UK, continental Europe and Australia.

“The combined diversion from landfill from all our existing plants is 6 million tonnes per year” explains Paul Larkin.

Further details of the demonstration event in Stuttgart and how to register are available at

Feeding C&D waste to the R2500 at Feess Erdbau

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