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Survey Shows Canadian Manufacturers Used Over 136 Million Kilograms Of Recycled Materials in the Production of Fibre Glass, Rock and Slag Wool Insulation

The North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA) has announced the results of a recent survey of its U.S. and Canadian members' use of pre- and post-consumer recycled materials in insulation and acoustical products for 2013. NAIMA Canada members used more than 136 million kilograms of recycled material in the production of their mineral fibre products.

NAIMA Canada members used nearly 136 million kilograms of recycled glass in the production of residential, commercial, and industrial thermal and acoustical insulation. Canadian insulation manufacturers estimate they will use approximately 145.8 million kilograms of recycled glass product in 2014.

In addition to recycled glass, U.S. and Canadian facilities used more than 267 million kilograms of recycled blast furnace slag in the production of thermal and acoustical insulation.

Since the industry's recycling program began in 1992, NAIMA members' plants have diverted more than 21 billion kilograms of recycled materials from the waste stream.

“Sustainable business practices are very important to our members,” said Jay Nordenstrom, Executive Director of NAIMA Canada. “In addition to our insulation reducing energy consumption in buildings, our commitment to using recycled materials in the manufacturing process further enhances the environmental benefits of fibre glass and slag wool insulation.”

While recycled content is just one indicator of a product's environmental impact, the survey results illustrate the significant impact that an industry can affect through the conscientious use of materials.  

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