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Full line of stationary mount loaders

Full line of stationary mount loaders

Rotobec recently announced the release of a full line of stationary mount loaders. Built upon the knowledge and expertise from years of industry-leading design in truck mounted loaders and attachments, Rotobec now offers five models of stationary mount to fit various applications, including the Elite SM, Horizon SM, Optimax SM, Evolution SM and Titan SM (shown here).  

Lift capacity (at 15-feet reach and 10-feet off the ground) ranges from 5,390 pounds on the smallest model (Elite SM) to 36,210 pounds on the largest model (Titan SM). Motors range from a 40 hp motor on the Elite to a 200-hp motor on the Titan.  

Rotobec stationary mount loaders are ideal for various applications in recycling and other applications, including operations at waste transfer stations and scrap yards, for bulk materials handling, as well as in rock quarries and mill yards.  Rotobec stationary mount loaders are fully customizable to suite specific needs. 

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