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Pellet Technology USA and Vermeer Corporation form strategic alliance

Vermeer horizontal grinder now part of Pellet Technology USA proprietary biomass pellet manufacturing system

Pellet Technology USA, a biomass processing technology company, and Vermeer Corporation recently announced the formation of a strategic alliance. Under the terms of the alliance, Vermeer will serve as the exclusive supplier of feedstock grinders to be used in Pellet Technology USA’s patent-pending system to manufacture Power Pellets from stover, wood, energy crops and other agricultural residues.

The Vermeer HG6000 horizontal grinder, complete with a patented Series II duplex drum, will be integrated with the Pellet Technology air-assisted feed system, allowing for higher moisture agricultural residue to be processed. The Vermeer horizontal grinder features a self-cleaning “bioscreen” that maintains an even level of biomass throughput while preventing flow blockage.

According to Vermeer, this design feature offer solutions to biomass industry which has had issues with producing a product consistent in geometric size, and the addition of the Vermeer horizontal grinder to the Pellet Technology USA design package provides a key component to the company’s turnkey biomass processing solution.

“After analyzing grinder alternatives, it was clear that the Vermeer product line — along with its global dealer network — was the most productive grinder in the market,” says Russ Zeeck, chief operating officer for Pellet Technology USA.

“Vermeer also takes an innovative approach to customized improvements that made the strategic alliance decision easy.”              

Jay Van Roekel, biomass business manager for Vermeer, sees biomass processing equipment as a key growth area for Vermeer.   

“Vermeer is excited about our relationship with Pellet Technology. We believe by combining our horizontal grinders with their system we can help advance renewable energy projects, especially those that are looking for a consistent feedstock pellet,” says Van Roekel.  

Both Pellet Technology USA and Vermeer believe that consistent biomass pellet production is critical to providing reliable feedstock supplies to various industries, including: cellulosic ethanol and liquid fuels; coal-burning generation facilities needing to co-fire biomass to eliminate “re-rating” of their facilities and meet RPS at a baseload level; engineered alternative feed products; and biochemical production.  

Pellet Technology USA LLC ( has designed a patent-pending system to convert a variety of non-food biomasses into dry, energy-dense, binder-free Power Pellets that can be economically shipped and stored using existing material handling and transportation infrastructure.

According to Pellet Technology, their turnkey solution addresses all of the biomass supply chain steps:

1) long-term biomass contracting;

2) land sustainability and harvest management;

3) a reliable fully engineered facility with tested production technology. 

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