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G-30H modular food waste processor

G-30H modular food waste processor

GaiaRecycle, LLC recently announced their new G-30H modular model to address the food waste processing needs typically found in small restaurants and elementary schools.   

The GaiaRecycle G-30H system, featuring 66 pounds per day processing capacity, recycles mixed food scraps and organic waste including small bones (chicken, fish etc), fruits, vegetables, pastas, starches, lean meats, bread, egg shells, and all liquids – plus milk or juice cartons, napkins and plastic utensils. These units are designed to avoid jamming, minimize downtime and lower overall maintenance/operation costs. 

This compact GaiaRecycle model (41 x 32 x 32 inches) is ideally suited for primary schools with approximately 300 students, and food service providers delivering approximately 200 meals per day. Larger systems are available for schools, restaurants and other facilities with higher capacity food waste requirements.  

GaiaRecycle’s patented “double helix” shredder and blade technology accelerates the organic decomposition process based on drying, sterilizing and grinding food scraps and organic waste. During its eight hours processing cycle, food waste weight and volume are reduced by up to 90 percent. GaiaRecycle’s proprietary six-step deodourizer process also removes odours, and the resulting output material from the processed food waste is a sterilized, easy-to-handle, compostable soil amendment.   

The turnkey G-30H system features safe, simple push-button operations and automated controls including built-in temperature and moisture sensors for robust operations and a hassle-free user experience. No microorganisms, enzymes, water or other additives are required during processing.   

“On-site recycling of food and organic waste eliminates health and safety issues associated with the germs and odours of spoiled foods and liquids stored in unsecured dumpsters until regular trash pick-up,” said Young Song, CEO of GaiaRecycle. “By processing waste using any GaiaRecycle model, all pathogens and odours are removed, and less frequent waste removal is needed.”   

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