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Non-impact horizontal motion conveyors

The Slipstick horizontal motion conveyor is designed for gentle, non-impact conveying motion and low maintenance, high reliability performance. The unit’s gentle horizontal, slow-advance, quick-return motion ensures smooth transport of a wide range of waste and recyclable materials without agglomeration that can slow the conveying process. This technology eliminates material compacting and features simple construction for ease of cleaning, as well as simple design for long-term reliable performance.

Unlike conventional vibrating conveyors that use a vertical pitching motion to propel material with repeated impacts, the Slip-stick’s single-drive mechanism provides a unique horizontal differential motion which glides product down the pan. Built-in lengths from 4 feet to more than 200 feet, the Slipstick offers a variable rate of product delivery depending upon the application, and can be adjusted to suit most any requirement. Units can be suspended from overhead to maximize the use of valuable floorspace or built with floor-mounted pedestals. And because it is dynamically self-balancing, no counterweights or heavy isolation bases are necessary. The drive module can be mounted at either end or below the conveyor’s pan section.

Pan options for the Slipstick include multiple channels, pneumatic discharge gates and removable covers. Sealed tube sections provide added product protection, and the Slipstick can be configured to align, singulate, divide, dry or cool product as it flows through the conveyor. In addition, units are ideal for both fly ash and bottom ash applications.

The Slipstick is designed for a long, trouble-free service life, and is based on a minimum of moving parts.

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