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Triple/S Dynamics

Phone 1 800 527 2116

The leader in conveying systems for more than 120 years.

Integrated conveying systems made for the recycling application.

Triple/S Dynamics offers one of the broadest ranges of recycling and waste handling systems and equipment in the industry. With a goal of building equipment for consistent reliability and low maintenance, we engineer and manufacture durable, high-performance chopping and granulating equipment, separation equipment, and for material movement, ultra-efficient conveyors. For applications demanding a specialized solution, Triple/S can custom engineer a turnkey, integrated system designed to fit your specific needs. Our decades of experience, wealth of industry-specific knowledge, and focus on the total solution rather than just the equipment, means we can offer the most comprehensive, flexible, and cost efficient recycling or waste handling system to match your application.

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Gravity separator

The T-20 gravity separator from Triple/S Dynamics represents the largest of this company’s separators, offering 20 square feet of surface. This unit offers superior separation performance in a compact, economical design, and simplified and rugged controls ensure that machine settings will be trouble-free as well as drift-free.  

Compact granulation and separation system

Designed as a compact, self-contained granulation and separation unit, this Mini Reclaim System (MRS) is ideal for reclaiming scrap wire and cable and precious metal-bearing electronic scrap. Units also work very well for heavy gauge copper wire, thermal barrier aluminum extrusions, loose copper windings, communication wire, CATV cable, insulated aluminum cable, computer wire, and most harness wire.

Inerts Separators provide clean MSW

These Inerts Separators are designed for the removal of glass, grit, dirt, non-ferrous metals and other non-combustibles from screened MSW. The S-30 separator is the largest model available with a capacity of 25 tons/hour of two-inch trom-mel undersize material and will handle the minus two-inch output from a line processing 100 tph of raw MSW. Smaller capacity machines are also available.

Non-impact horizontal motion conveyors

The Slipstick horizontal motion conveyor is designed for gentle, non-impact conveying motion and low maintenance, high reliability performance. The unit’s gentle horizontal, slow-advance, quick-return motion ensures smooth transport of a wide range of waste and recyclable materials without agglomeration that can slow the conveying process. This technology eliminates material compacting and features simple construction for ease of cleaning, as well as simple design for long-term reliable performance.