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BLS 2000 and 3000 bucket linkage shears

BLS 2000 and 3000 bucket linkage shears
BLS 2000 and BLS 3000 bucket linkage shears include several key upgrades that improve performance and reduce maintenance. These models feature the patented Saber Series blade system with a 180-degree reversible Saber Tip and lower cross-blade, and tapped cutting blades allow the shear blades to be easily removed. Plus with more bolt-on components, maintenance time is significantly reduced. Units also include an increased amount of high-strength steel in critical areas and increased pin sizes to withstand the high forces generated by excavators. By fully wrapping the pivot group, vital components are protected from damage. BLS 2000 and 3000 shears are very easy to install and do not require additional hydraulics to operate. They are ideal for cutting lighter structural steel such as “I” beams, “H” beams, pipe and rebar, where a larger shear is not required.

The BLS 2000 is designed for use with machines in the 40,000 to 65,000 pound (18 to 29 metric ton) class and the BLS 3000 is for machines in the 65,000 to 85,000 pound ( 29 to 38 metric ton) class.

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