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Stanley LaBounty

Address 538 Hwy 2, Two Harbors, MN, 55616, US
Telephone 800-522-5059
International + 1 218 834 6700
Fax 218-834-3879
Email [email protected]
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Mobile demolition processor

Stanley LaBounty’s MDP30R mobile demolition processor features expanded application capability, including higher productivity for large raised concrete structures. The second in the MDP line, the MDP30R incorporates all of the standard MDP features, including a patent-pending quick change jaw pivot, 360-degree powered rotation, reversed cylinder, and multiple machine mount capability.

Standardizing equipment key to growth

Brookfield Resource Management, is a fast-growing recycling company with operations in the New York City and Chicago areas, as well as in India’s Punjab state. As the company expands, one of its key strategies involves standardizing the equipment used at its various locations in an effort to control costs, improve reliability and streamline maintenance.  

Remote controlled demolition robot

Stanley LaBounty recently introduced the F16 Remote Controlled Demolition Robot. The company’s first entry into the middle-weight segment is a track-based, electrically-driven carrier weighing 3,417 pounds. Units are designed for selective dismantling of concrete slabs, stairwells, walls and other interior structures, and due to a very high power-to-weight ratio and low centre of gravity, the F16 is able to operate safely and effectively using 500 ft. lb. impact class breakers and 1,500 ft. lb. drop hammers.  

MDP20R Demolition Processor

Stanley Hydraulic Tools has introduced the LaBounty MDP20R, a midsize mobile demolition processor that separates concrete from steel reinforced bar in seven-second cycles and, according to Stanley, weighs between 900 and 1,700 pounds less than competitive models.

BLS 2000 and 3000 bucket linkage shears

BLS 2000 and BLS 3000 bucket linkage shears include several key upgrades that improve performance and reduce maintenance. These models feature the patented Saber Series blade system with a 180-degree reversible Saber Tip and lower cross-blade, and tapped cutting blades allow the shear blades to be easily removed. Plus with more bolt-on components, maintenance time is significantly reduced. Units also include an increased amount of high-strength steel in critical areas and increased pin sizes to withstand the high forces generated by excavators. By fully wrapping the pivot group, vital components are protected from damage. BLS 2000 and 3000 shears are very easy to install and do not require additional hydraulics to operate. They are ideal for cutting lighter structural steel such as “I” beams, “H” beams, pipe and rebar, where a larger shear is not required.

Key improvements to Saber Lube Series Shears

Stanley LaBounty recently announced several key improvements to its Saber Lube Series Shears. Units include an improved high pressure and high volume grease pump for consistent flow to the various grease points, as well as increased points for more consistent greasing along the entire blade surface, resulting in lower blade wear and better cutting efficiency. An application specific grease metering system also allows for adjustments (up to three times the original design) in flow to each grease point, depending upon the application.

New line of bucket linkage shears introduced

Stanley LaBounty has introduced BLS 2000 and BLS 3000 bucket linkage shears, a new generation with several key upgrades which not only improve performance but also reduce maintenance.

Mobile shears

MSD Mobile Shears are engineered to maximize performance, longevity and safety, while offering signifi-cantly reduced maintenance.

Heavy duty grapples

HDR model Heavy Duty Grapples are designed for versatility and longevity in scrap, demolition, rock handling and other applications, with a two tine upper jaw and a three tine lower jaw. Units require no additional hydraulics and pin on in place of an excavator bucket, on carriers from 11 to 109 metric tons. Other features include box-tine construction and the use of high tensile, high alloy, abrasion-resistant steel for minimal weight and maximum strength, and a pivot group designed to withstand the harshest conditions. Stanley LaBounty manufactures and supplies a wide variety of attachments for various applications.

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