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Non-ferrous separator uses eccentric magnetic pole

Non-ferrous separator uses eccentric magnetic pole
These Eddy Current Separators use an Eccentric Pole System to provide high yield and long life operation. This patented technology is mounted eccentrically in the head drum, is adjustable, and is designed to ensure the influence of the magnetic field is only maximized at the moment of separation, and that no magnetic field is generated at other positions on the belt drum. Residual ferrous metals cannot adhere to the head drum, which means wear on the belt and the self-cleaning drum shell are reduced to an absolute minimum. High separation is achieved due to the use of neodynium-iron-bore magnets, a thin conveyor belt and an electrically non-conductive drum body made from fibre-reinforced composite materials. Units are ideal for shredder material, MSW, incinerator ash, foundry sand, glass, e-scrap, wood chips and batteries. A wide range of models are available including the Series 36, suitable for coarse, light material with grain sizes greater than 15 mm and low volume such as the separation of UBC. A standard Series 50 machine is also available for grain sizes larger than 5 mm, and the Series 61 is typically used with particle sizes of 1 to 20 mm.

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