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Odyssey sets a new standard for automated front loaders. It comes with all the features your business demands, and it takes your refuse collection vehicle (RCV) places you never thought it could go, handling residential and commercial routes with ease.

The optional, integrated CNrG system moves Odyssey’s CNG tanks from the roof to the tailgate, making it lower and offering extended range without split-system expense. It is also available with the traditional top-mount CNG system.

Features & Benefits

“Creep” function

Unique “Creep” function allows the Curotto-Can arm to slowly extend and retract providing increased arm control for tight spots.

Piston pump

Load-sensing hydraulic piston pump intelligently provides proper oil as required, reducing fuel consumption.


Lighter, with less weight placed on the front axle for reduced wear and maintenance.


In-cylinder position sensors replace proximity switches, cushioned fork cylinders, MAC air valves, and deceleration valves, eliminating 22 leak points, constant maintenance/adjustment and 150 lbs.


Curotto-Can and AutoLift controls are combined into one single multifunction ergonomic joystick, providing increased productivity on the route.

Streetwise Hydraulics™

Streetwise Hydraulics™ positioned away from heat sources, making maintenance easier and less frequent.

Company Info

2030 Hamilton Place Boulevard, Suite 300
Chattanooga, TN
US, 37421


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