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Hartl Crusher - HBC 650-1250 Bucket Crushers

The HARTL CRUSHER'S extremely high throughput function with minimal wear costs ensures a high-value cubical and consistant end product. Thanks to its solid and robust build, our crusher is able to process natural rock as well as recycling materials. We take pride in ensuring that all our materials and components are top quality. With its ergonomic shape and innovative design, the HARTL CRUSHER's modern look typifies the whole Hartl product range.


Key Specifications: 4 models
Excavator weight ≥ 22,050 lbs, ≥ 39,700 lbs, ≥ 52,950 lbs, ≥ 77,160 lbs
Inlet opening 26" x 20", 30" x 20", 37" x 21", 49" x 22"
Rotation 350 rpm
Oil pressure 3190 psi
Load volume 0.66 y³, 0.95 y³, 1.30 y³, 2.17 y³

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A-4310 Mauthausen,


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