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Ecoverse Industries

Tiger Depackaging System

Tiger Depackaging System

Engineered specifically for depackaging, the innovative Tiger Depackaging System combines the action of a shredder, screen and extrusion auger in a single machine.

After wet or dry materials are loaded into the hopper, the unique action of the Tiger mechanism separates the organic fractions from the inorganic packaging, producing both solid and liquid extracts in the discharge.

No pretreatment or material prep needed. Just turn it on, load it up, and generate more revenue from your source material.


Features & Benefits

  • Packaging preparation
    Paper, plastic and other packaging materials discharge from the extrusion process ready for recycling without the need for further cleaning or preparation

  • Control Panel
    Easily monitor all main parameters and supervise the entire process to precisely obtain your desired finished product

  • Large Hopper
    The large hopper allows source material to be fed easily by wheel loader, grapple, or conveyor