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Alpine Sales & Rental Corp. - RockWheel Cutter Bucket Excavator Buckets

The RockWheel Cutter Buckets are the go-to tool for trenching in hard or rocky ground. Cut and clean the trench with a single excavator, eliminating attachment change or use of a second excavator.

Precision cutting results in as much as 50% less excavated volume compared to hammers which require a trench to widen as depth increases. Moreover, the cutter-bucket is ideal for variable ground conditions where both hard and soft ground conditions are found in close proximity. Dig where the ground permits and grind the rest. Material can then be crushed to condition it for onsite reuse thus eliminating handling and hauling costs. Other uses include: cutting frozen ground, soil mixing, road work, slope leveling and more.


Key Specifications: 2 Models
Bucket Cutting Width 36 inches
Cutting Drum Width 41.5 - 46 inches
Cutting Drum Diameter in 12 - 15.3 inches
Cutting Depth Below Bucket Floor 1.5 1.75 inches
Max. Cutting Drum Speed 50-75 / 50-80 RPM
Max. Cutting Drum Torque 11,555 - 17,250 ft lb
Total Weight (approx.) 4050 - 4100 lbs
Excavator Weight Range 18-25 - 25-35 ton

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