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CBI Stump Shear

The CBI Stump Shear is a stump’s worst nightmare. The attachment is designed to grub, pull, backfill, shear, split and load... making uniform processed material out of the biggest stumps and butt logs at a rate of 50 tons or more per hour. Two massive ripper teeth pull stumps out of the ground, while the reinforced steel plate backfills the stump hole. 

The Stump Shear's dual action cylinder allows the knife to retract fully out of the way when grubbing and excavating stumps. By not remaining fixed in a low position, it does not interfere with work or cause unnecessary stress to the shear or excavator from unwanted knife strikes.


Key Specifications: 8 models
Shear Weight 4000 - 7000 lbs
Excavator Weight Class 40-55,000 - 65-90,000 lbs
Max. Jaw Opening (approx.) 53" - 88"
Blade Thickness (T1 Steel) 2-1/2" - 3"
Hydraulic Cylinder (Bore) 5-1/2" - 6"
Hydraulic Cylinder (Stroke) 36" - 48"
Hydraulic Cylinder (Rod) 3-1/2" - 4"