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Superior Industries Inc. - Exterra® Primary Belt Cleaner Conveyors

The Exterra Primary Belt Cleaner is designed to greatly reduce material carry-back from the top cover of the conveyor belting after it passes over the head pulley. When left unchecked, carry-back causes material buildup on idlers, pulleys, and other components—a problem that causes mis-tracking or belt damage. The Exterra Primary Belt Cleaner eliminates unwanted fugitive material piles under the conveyor that carry-back creates. We’ve engineered this belt cleaner to provide you an economical investment with simple installation and effective operation.


Key Specifications
Belt Widths 18″ – 72″
Blade Widths 10″ – 70″
Urethane Durometer 87A

Company Info

315 East State Highway 28
Morris, MN
US, 56267


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