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Granutech-Saturn Systems - Saturn G4X Refiner Mills

Our next generation Saturn G-4X Refiner Mill is the largest refiner mill to feature a ‘grease-free’ sealed roller bearing design, featuring a unique twin drive construction that produces powder ranging from 10 mesh to 80 mesh (2 mm to .12mm). The new design enables the Saturn G-4X mill the ability to hold the rolls at much closer tolerances (up to 400% closer than traditional bushing designs) , which translates to finer powder at higher capacity (3 tons per hour). In addition, the sealed barrel design eliminates the need for continuous lubricant, resulting in significant operational & consumables savings and less energy used for external cooling. The G-4X mill can be seamlessly integrated with your existing equipment including other Granutech-Saturn machines, providing advanced size reduction for your rubber recycling applications.


Key Specifications
Weight 50,000 lbs.
Power 325 hp
Throughput production 3 tons per hour
Powder fineness From 10 mesh to 80 mesh (2 mm to .12mm)

Company Info

201 East Shady Grove Road
Grand Prairie, TX
US, 75050


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