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ElectraTherm, LLC - PGFireBox Wood Waste Burners

The PGFireBox is used where large amounts of wood waste must be reduced in a cost efficient and environmentally friendly manner and where electricity converted from the heat energy released by the waste combustion process can be utilized or sold into the local power grid. The system is a Whole-Log Wood Waste Air Curtain Burner coupled with an ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) Engine. It completely eliminates the costly, polluting and time consuming pre-processing steps, such as chipping or grinding the wood waste to make it acceptable to co-generation facilities. Long distance hauling is also no longer required. 


Key Specifications
FireBox Module Weight Approximately 35,000 lbs (16,000 kg)
Power Module Weight 42,000 lbs (19,000 kg)
Cooling water requirements 200-250 gpm (45-56 m3/hr)

Company Info

4750 Turbo Circle
Reno, NV
US, 89502


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