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ALLU Group, Inc. - SM Screener Crushers Screening Buckets

ALLU Finland Ltd. developed the Screener Crusher principle already at the end of 1980’s and ever since, new features, models and accessories have been developed to meet customers’ needs and to match new applications. Ease of service and the reliability of the machine have always been of primary importance. ALLU SM and ALLU SC/SCH are basic models with a heavy duty frame. These models can be used for many different purposes, such as the screening of topsoil, aerating and crushing compost, mixing together different materials, filling up pipe trenches, crushing bark etc. ALLU SM and ALLU SC series are suited for medium size wheel loaders and excavators. ALLU SMH and ALLU SCM series are designed for the continuous processing of difficult, heavy and wearing materials and for job sites where the processed volumes are especially large. With two hydraulic motors, these models can utilise approximately double the power compared to the basic model. ALLU SMH and ALLU SCM series machines are suited for heavy and large wheel loaders and excavators.

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25 Kimberly Road, , Suite A
East Brunswick, NJ
US, 08816


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