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Newly improved portable multi-gas monitor ideal fit for confined-space applications

Over 80,000 units of the Triple Plus + IR design are presently in use worldwide. The Triple Plus + IR is now offered along with the Triple Plus + which replaces the older Triple Plus now in production almost a total of 20 years. These users have come to depend on its robust and reliable performance. The extremely durable case and internal construction means it won't break when you drop it and resists shocks and vibrations. The unit offers UL, CSA, and numerous other approvals for use in hazardous areas, is water and dust resistant to IP65, and floats if it falls into water!

Multi-gas confined space monitors

The TriplePlus + personal multi-gas confined space entry monitor simultaneously monitors, displays and alarms for one to four gases using field interchangeable smart sensors ideal for many applications. It has a built-in electric air pump option, or uses diffusion style. The extremely durable Triax case and internal construction ensures the monitor will not break if dropped. It also floats when necessary. The unit features an internal datalogger with a memory backup battery. It is water resistant, dustproof and highly RF-shielded.


The Eikon is a new series of low cost, single gas recyclable personal safety monitors available for the detection of either hydrogen sulphide, carbon monoxide, oxygen or chlorine. Each unit is extremely rugged, intrinsically safe with UL and other approvals, weighs about four ounces, and cannot be turned off accidentally.