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Established in 2008 by Hartmut Bendfeldt, eFACTOR3 brings together a keen understanding of environmental, engineering and equipment issues. The goal of our organization is to solve some of the most challenging recycling problems that our customers face and deliver state-of-the-art and innovative integrated equipment systems that meet and exceed their objectives. We pride ourselves on representing the most advanced and premier manufacturers in the recycling industry. eFACTOR3 offers a diverse variety of equipment used in material recovery, waste to energy, plastic processing, and plastic recycling facilities.

As a turn-key supplier, eFACTOR3 has the capacity to engineer integrated systems solutions, equipment installation, start-up, and commissioning. With our team of engineers and distinguished manufacturers, you'll get the best custom recycling solution to meet the challenges of your unique environment.


M&J 4000 Stationary PreShredder

M&J's Stationary PreShredders can seamlessly be added to any recycling operation and provide reliable size reduction. Intuitive product design ensures significant time and cost savings when it comes to service and maintenance.


Westeria AirBasic Windsifter

The latest generation of mobile windsifting technology, the AirBasic has expanded upon the Westeria patented windsifting technology, and is advantageous when used in C&D, composting, household waste, and scrap materials.

MAS Extruder

Patented MAS technology unites the excellent homogenization and degassing performance of co-rotating twin-screw extruders with robust mechanical engineering and a broad range of applications for a wide variety of recycling fractions to perfection.

Kreyenborg Infrared Dryer

Continuous heating, crystallization, drying and coating of a wide variety of plastics and other bulk materials in minutes instead of hours.

Ecostar Screen

Today Ecostar stationary screens are present globally and treat a wide variety of materials such as organic waste, municipal solid waste, compost, wood, biomass, CSS (Secondary Solid Fuel), C&I (Commercial and Industrial), tires, PET and plastic, and paper and cardboard at high precision.

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