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eFACTOR3 becomes Ecostar's sole U.S. distributor

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eFACTOR3 and Ecostar staff celebrate the new partnership. eFACTOR3

eFACTOR3 has partnered with Ecostar. As part of the partnership, eFACTOR3 will be Ecostar's sole distributor in the United States. 

Ecostar's DDS technology utilizes a series of shafts equipped with hexagonal or octagonal discs made of Hardox. The material undergoes a distinctive jolting movement, separating waste into undersized and oversized fractions. The result is a clean fraction, ready for recycling and processing. Mobile and stationary options are available in Ecostar's product line.

As part of the partnership, eFACTOR3 gains a distributor in North America. Ecostar, on the other hand, expands its reach into new areas, providing opportunities for product development, user feedback, and new business partnerships. 

eFACTOR3 says that users in North America stand to benefit greatly from this collaboration. They will gain exposure to Ecostar's mobile screens, offering operational flexibility and anti-wrapping systems. Ecostar's screens are efficient on a wide range of materials, including compost, wood, biomass, metals, tires, glass, car fluff, RDF/SRF, construction and demolition debris, ash, and inerts. 

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