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Dings Co. Magnetic Group

Address 4740 West Electric Ave, Milwaukee, WI, 53219, US
Phone 414-672-7830
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Drum magnets

Designed for separating high volumes of steel or for especially demanding applications, these powerful drum magnets are rugged separators built to last, with heavy-duty manganese wear shells to protect against damage from large or sharp objects. Depending on the application, several styles of Dings drum separators are available including permanent ceramic magnets. These separators offer the highest level of magnetic strength and are appropriate for many different applications, including scrap processing, auto shredding, mining, aggregate, or anywhere large volumes of metal need to be removed. Both lateral and radial pole designs are offered.

Scrap lifting magnets

Dings Scrap Lifting Magnets feature a unique electrified core to give extremely high lifting capacity, and all units are wound with an anodized aluminum strap – the finest material available for coil winding, according to the company. Since no insulating material is needed, this design eliminates the major cause of coil failure: insulation breakdown. Dings Scrap Lifting Magnets are available in diameters from 37 to 77 inches.