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Briquetting Systems

Suite 101-1001 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
CA, V6H 4E4

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​Seven steps to effective briquetting in C&D and MRF applications

Briquettes made from a mix of wood, plastic, etc., are generally used in gasifiers.

The following are seven steps in a typical system for shredding and briquetting old pallets and other types of demolition stream waste wood.

  • Storing Raw Material: Old pallets and waste wood from demolition streams needs to be stored out of the elements to keep it dry. Coloured pallets should be sorted out.
  • Shredding: Raw material is fed into a shred­der for size reduction.
  • Sorting: Shredded raw material is conveyed past one of several magnet separators for sorting of nails. An adjustable gap between the transport belt and the vacuum inlet for the hammer mill ensures that nails that have not been sorted out by the magnet separator will fall down and not be sucked into the hammer mill.
  • Hammermill: The raw material passes through a hammermill before going into a large storage silo.
  • Storing processed material: A large storage silo is used to contain shredded and milled raw material. In a 400-cubic metre silo, at the bottom of the silo there is room for two briquetting presses.
  • Briquetting: From manufacturer, C.F. Nielsen, two model BP5500 briquetters, positioned in the silo, will produce a total of approx. 2.5 tons of briquettes per hour. The presses can run unmanned around the clock in a silo that is 400 cubic metres in size.
  • Briquette storage: Briquettes are placed in a pile coming directly from the briquetting presses via the cooling lines. Briquettes allow for maximum bulk density, for storage, handling and transport.

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Latest mechanical, hydraulic and screw extrusion presses for briquetting applications available from Briquetting Systems

The CF Nielsen  Quattro hydraulic press, available in Canada from Briquetting Systems,  processes various dry wood particulate, including wood dust, producing briquettes from mixed wood materials, including manufacturing plant dust, which can then be used in consumer wood stoves and fireplaces.

Briquetting Systems is a multi-line distributor based out of Vancouver, B.C. Recently, the company announced the availability of two new mechanical presses from manufacturer C.F. Nielsen AS, a leading manufacturer of mechanical briquetting presses based out of Denmark. From raw material - including agricultural waste, wood, paper, plant dust and other biomass residues and wastes - C.F. Nielsen's full-line of briquetting solutions produce briquettes for use in large boilers and power plants as well as log-type briquettes for use in fireplaces and wood-burning stoves by consumers.

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