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ELV Select provides a variety of products to service the recycling industry. We are partnered with SEDA International, a world leader in ELV decommissioning equipment.

We strive to meet your recycling needs by offering a full line of SEDA products.

Our commitment to each customer is friendly and knowledgeable service.

Our team understands your needs through years of experience in the recycling industry. ELV Select is a partnership that started with the vision that the recycling industry faces tough economic challenges. Changing regulations and strong competition made us realize the need for products which streamline our business.

Catalytic Cutter

The catalyst converter is regarded as the most profitable part of an end-of-life vehicle. The SEDA Catalytic Cutter removes them in just a few seconds without requiring great strength and without damaging it.

The SEDA Catalytic Cutters are the optimal solutions for removing catalysts and exhaust systems. Weber Hydraulik has specially optimized and improved their devices for the specific requirements of recycling companies in conjunction with SEDA.

ES2 – Mobile Drainage System

ELV Select brings you the ES2 - Mobile Drainage System

Features of the ES2 Mobile Drainage System include:

  • ELV Select brings you the ES2 - Mobile Drainage System
  • Features of the ES2 Mobile Drainage System include:
  • Rugged and powerful system
  • Mobile
  • SEDA Drainage Equipment
  • Ready in minutes and easy to maintain
  • Large work area and additional working aids on board
  • All connections are preinstalled
  • Roof for weather protection
  • Approximate vehicle drain time is 12-15 minutes
  • Integrated catchment area
  • No need for building permits in most regions
  • Standardized roll-off container ensures mobility
  • Pre-installed tank lines and connections
  • Pre-installed tanks or tank platform option

Drain Tower

The DrainTower combines proven SEDA technology with an efficient design concept. Offering highest safety to the user and maximum protection for the environment the SEDA DrainTower fulfills all requirements of modern ELV recycling companies.

As a successor to the SEDA-Rapid station the DrainTower is more effective and more compact then ever before. The fully functional SEDA DrainTower Double and the space saving economical Single are pre-installed in our factory which saves time and money during installation.

The heavy duty ATEX certified tank drill, powerful air pumps and proven drainage tools ensure the quickest and safest drainage of petrol and diesel, waste oil, coolant fluid, windscreen wash and brake fluid.

ModuleOne Start

The ModuleOne START is the compact and professional ELV de-pollution solution! The System is easy to install, has a small footprint with SEDA built quality at an affordable price.

The ModuleOne START is the perfect solution for low volume dismantlers or scrap yards who prefer to use equipment to de-pollute their vehicles professional within the law.

Incorporating powerful 1 inch pumps and the award winning Heavy Duty (HD) TankDrilling-Machine, the ModuleOne START saves on price without sacrificing safety or quality.

The following fluids are efficiently and cleanly removed:

  • Petrol/Diesel,
  • Waste oil,
  • Coolant fluid/Washer fluid and
  • Brake fluid


The new SEDA product line with original, high quality SEDA products for small enterprises.

SEDA´s remarkable Tank Drilling Machine drills through petrol tanks and sucks out petrol at a rate of up to 20 liters per minute without spilling a drop. Its robust design and ease of use have made it the Car Dismantlers favorite around the world.

The new Green Point NA-VR pump is specially designed for low cost by maximum efficiency. The pump works perfect with the SEDA Tank Drilling Machine.

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Taurus Diablo scrap & auto baler latest available from ELV Select

The Taurus Diablo scrap metal and auto baler DB62, available in North America through Ontario-based ELV Select, is designed for baling of cars and metal shred. According to ELV, these units are built to make very dense bales, with maximum density of 1,000 kg/m3, and to be quick and easy to transport as well as simple to operate, making them ideal for companies with multiple yards or for rental to other metal recyclers.

The latest shear/baler/loggers provide scrap metal recyclers with the versatility needed to profit and grow

As a category of heavy-duty machine engineered specifically to provide scrap recyclers with the versatility to process heavy metal materials as well as light metals - creating logs, bales or sheared-to-length material, ready for efficient transportation to buyers - the growing popularity of shear/baler/loggers (SBLs) is not surprising. 

Latest SEDA vehicle drainage system is helping keep Ontario’s Nicklin Auto Parts & Recyclers on top of a never-ending supply of ELVs

Nicklin Auto Parts & Recyclers has been serving southern Ontario since the late fifties. In the mid-nineties the company's 30-acre yard and building in Guelph was purchased by its current owner, Denis Krajcar (shown above), who says he started in the auto recycling business as a teenager. "I started working at Cambridge Auto Wreckers when I was 16, until I was about 25, when I bought this place," explains Krajcar.

SEDA T-REC XXL latest in tire recycling technology available from ELV Select

SEDA's new T-REC XXL is designed to quickly and easily separate tires from wheel rims. T-REC stands for Tire-Recycling, and with this advancement of SEDA's technology, recyclers and other users are assured more power and dimension when processing tires. These units will process about 100 tires per hour, and incorporate unique time saving and safety features. T-REC XXL will process all kinds of tires, including run-flat tires, with both alloy and steel rims, including those found on bigger cars such as: Audi Q7, VW Tiguan, BMW X5, and Mercedes ML.

New partnership between ELV Select and SEDA marks renewed vision for canadian end-of-life vehicle recycling market

Ontario-based end-of-life vehicle (ELV) recycling equipment manufacturer and distributor ELV Select has announced that they are now offering the ES2 Mobile Drainage Station, a first of its kind system for the North American market. In 2015, the company began a partnership with Austria-based auto recycling and drainage equipment specialist SEDA International, as the exclusive Canadian distributor. ELV Select designs and builds the ES2 container, for the entire North American market, while SEDA USA, SEDA’s subsidiary based out of Georgia, provides the ES2’s drainage technology and 10,000-pound vehicle ramp.