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Momentum Fuel Technologies

Address 1051 Republic Drive, Suite 200, Roanoke, TX, 76262, US
Tel 844-264-8265

About Momentum Fuel Technologies:

Momentum Fuel Technologies, headquartered in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, is the industry’s first complete compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel system solution for Class 6-8 vehicles.  A division of Rush Enterprises, the company officially launched in 2015 and is a vertically-integrated provider of fuel system solutions, featuring state-of-the-art engineering, design and manufacturing processes, complete system installation capabilities, and the industry’s most comprehensive sales, service and support network.

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​Momentum Fuel Technologies introduces GREENLYNC 2.0 - enhanced integrated electronics communication system

Momentum Fuel Technologies has introduced GreenLync 2.0, an enhanced electronics communication system for its line of compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel system solutions for Class 6 to Class 8 trucks.  Momentum utilizes the most advanced proprietary technologies to provide valuable real-time information to drivers, fleet managers and technicians to effectively manage, diagnose and service CNG vehicles.  GreenLync 2.0 technology provides drivers with information they've never had before, focusing on driver confidence and providing a more diesel-like experience.  Through collaboration with Cummins, the system is designed to reduce false occurrences of engine fault codes, and further, GreenLync 2.0 technology can integrate with telematics platforms to enable fleet managers to understand their vehicle performance and optimize fuel management. 

Smarter Trucks and Cleaner Fuel

The technological capability behind the vehicles that collect and haul waste and recyclables is advancing very rapidly. One of the major themes at this year's Waste Expo, held May 8-11 in New Orleans, was the trend towards "smart" technology and improving use of data. The latest vehicle telematics technologies mean that efficiencies, maintenance and safety can all be maximized to a level never before seen for fleet owners and their operators. Beyond vehicle monitoring and management, we are now at the point where artificial intelligence technology means that the prospect of the driverless refuse/recyclable collection truck, on roads in Europe and North America, is a very likely reality.  

Momentum Fuel Technologies and Geotab deliver live CNG vehicle data and fuel usage reports

Geotab has announced support for compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel level and temperature on all Momentum Fuel Technologies’ CNG fueling tanks and systems. A breakthrough for the industry, fleets with CNG vehicles can now have the powerful visibility into their fuel usage and driver behavior that is already offered to other vehicles using Geotab’s fleet management solution.

Momentum Fuel Technologies introduces new CNG systems at Waste Expo

Momentum Fuel Technologies made several major announcements this week at Waste Expo 2017. The company has added a 115 diesel gallon equivalent (DGE) tailgate system to its lineup of compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel system solutions for Class 6 to Class 8 trucks, with the largest fuel capacity available on the market, as well as a new Fuel Management Module (FMM) Drop-In Replacement, and the availability of live CNG vehicle data and fuel usage reports through a partnership with Geotab.  

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