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Address Schering 27, JW Genemuiden, 8281, NL
Tel +31(0) 38 385 54 71
Fax +31(0) 38 385 54 02
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Don’t let mobile shear attachment sizing trip you up

When it comes to acquiring a mobile shear for a specific application, one of the most common errors purchasers make is looking strictly at the invoice cost and not at the overall operational or ownership cost of a unit over time as it relates to their business or specific job.  In today's tight economic times you are doing your company a disservice by not conserving money where it can be better spent, especially when it comes to capital investment. Being more thorough in your analysis can help you stay profitable and ahead of the competition.

Rotar announces expansion of production capacity

Rotar is growing. The Netherlands-based manufacturer of hydraulic attachments for the demolition and recycling industry has announced that it has grown out of it’s factory, and is taking a giant leap forward to expand production capacity of the company's line of mobile scrap shears, pulverizers, demolition shears, grabs and other hydraulic attachments.