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BRT HARTNER optimizes tool coating of well-established Bag Opener BO

Under the brand name of BRT HARTNER, Eggersmann GmbHsells Dosing, Sorting and Opening Systems for various process industries, including recycling. One of the most sought-after products in the portfolio is the Bag Opener BRT HARTNER BO. Worldwide, almost 600 of these machines are already in operation and open hundreds of thousands of plastic bags daily.

Latest technology from Eggersmann designed for wood and bio-waste

The Eggersmann Group has a wide-reaching product portfolio of high-performance shredders, screening machines and windsifters at its disposal to treat all kinds of materials. To process wood and bio-waste the company offers multiple solutions of well-known brands.

Start-up of the 500th BRT HARTNER Bag Opener

The sorting plant of AGR-DAR in Herten processes, sorts and assembles light weight packaging material for recycling. This procedure starts with the BO Bag Opener from BRT HARTNER: the BO with integrated feed hopper is filled by wheel loader with the bags stored in the reception hall. The incorporated moving floor conveyor with a new, modified drive pushes the material to the two-part drum. The two halves of the drum are driven separately and create a relative movement which leads to reliable and efficient opening of the plastic bags. The content of the bags is loosened up but not shredded during this process.

Backhus and Terra Select intensify cooperation under Eggersmann Group

With immediate effect BACKHUS, the specialist for professional composting solutions, and screening machine manufacturer Terra Select have intensified their cooperation under the umbrella of the Eggersmann Group. The objective is to extend the Eggersmann product portfolio in the mobile machine sector as well as realize an even stronger market position in the future.

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