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Eggersmann celebrates 200th compost turner exported to the U.S. with special edition

A compost turner parked outside a large facility
An Eggersmann BACKHUS A 75 compost turner Eggersmann

Eggersmann has celebrated a machine anniversary at its site in Wardenburg as the 1600th BACKHUS compost turner was built. This machine, coincidentally, lines up as the 200th machine delivered to the U.S. To commemorate this achievement, Eggersman created a special edition BACKHUS compost turner.

The 1600th BACKHUS is an A 75 and thus the largest model in Eggersmann's BACKHUS range. The "75" refers to the possible windrow width of 7.5 metres.

The machines are used in the composting of biowaste such as green waste and manure. In addition, they are also used in biological drying as well as in soil remediation and many other applications. For its export to the United States, the was decorated with stars and stripes in the style of the U.S. flag. The machine will find its new home in Texas.

"Due to their long service life, the many sophisticated adaptation and specialization options, as well as their excellent equipment, our BACKHUS windrow turners are in demand all over the world," adds Christian Brouer, Brand Manager for Turning Equipment at Eggersmann. "They are now used in 75 countries spread across all climate zones. We've always had a thriving export business. Some of our first BACKHUS' went to Japan as early as 1989, we exported the 700th machine to Florida in 2009, the 1,000th was shipped to Colombia in 2014, and the 1,500th made its way to Sweden just last year."

Eggersmann mobile recycling technologies are utilized in the areas of turning, shredding, screening, and sifting. From assembly to development, the Wardenburg facility is mainly responsible for turning technology, although shredders of the TEUTON product range are also developed and manufactured there. 

"Sustainability and environmental protection are the topics of the future. With our solutions, we at Eggersmann are right at the forefront here," explains Michael Broßmann, site manager. "We therefore have an excellent order situation with very good prospects for the future."

Both the company and the site are growing that's why Eggersmann is always looking for new skilled people to add to the team.

"At our company, the value of training is especially important. We train IT specialists, salesmen, product designers, electronics, as well as mechatronics technicians and warehouse specialists. Most of the time, we can take on the trainees directly after they have successfully completed their training," adds Broßmann.

It was only in 2015 that the company moved from Jeddeloh 2 to the site in Wardenburg – at that time with about 80 employees. Today there are already 110. Currently, the site produces around 150 machines per year.

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