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Address 780 W Park Ave., Huron, SD, 57350, US
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Crushing it at Silver Creek Recycling

Silver Creek Recycling, located in Redcliff, Alberta, is a family business owned by Danny and Twila Luba and their son Bradyn. Bradyn's wife, Amanda, is a registered social worker. Danny and Twila Lubas' two daughters are Tajia, a business graduate working in commercial lending, and Taryn, a registered nurse. The family has operated Silver Creek Steel Mobile, a mobile recycling operation, since the late 1990s, servicing industrial locations throughout Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta, from large auto wreckers and landfills, to estate cleanups and oilfield demolition. 

With origins dating back over two decades, OverBuilt car crushers and baler/loggers remain an industry standard

Based in Huron, South Dakota, OverBuilt turned out their prototype Car Crusher in 1996. According to OverBuilt sales manager Steve Besch, their current design, which visitors saw at this year's ISRI 2018 on the Model 10 HS Car Crusher (right), originally arose from scrap dealers who approached company owners, father and son Dick and Scott Rink, with three requests: make car crushers easier to use, provide a larger opening to fit larger machinery or more cars, and make them run faster. 

Advanced high speed car crusher developed based on customer feedback

Huron, South Dakota-based OverBuilt Inc. turned out their prototype car crusher in 1996. The company says the design arose from scrap dealers who approached father and son owners Dick and Scott Rink with three requests; make car crushers easier to use, provide a larger opening to fit larger machinery or more cars, and make them run faster. This was the beginning of the 10-foot high, 20-foot 3-inch long crushing chamber, and the patented High Speed OverBuilt Car Crusher, which featured total portability for easier relocation and low cycle times.

Baler / loggers for auto recycling

Overbuilt’s baler/loggers use a standard 200-hp diesel engine with safety shutdown gauges, electric idle up, and a cold weather package including a headbolt heater, heavy-duty air cleaner and a heavy-duty radiator. The large charge box (open) is 20-feet x 8 feet 5 inches, bale size output is 40-inch x 26-inch x variable, and bale densities are 25 to 80 pounds per cubic foot.  


As standard features, Overbuilt car crushers include a diesel engine with Murphy safety shutdown gauges, electronic idle-up, and a cold weather package including head-bolt heater, heavy-duty air cleaner and heavy-duty radiator. Units have a ten-foot-high crusher opening when raised, a crusher opening width of seven feet six inches and length of 20 feet one inch. Hydraulic cylinder pressure is up to 2,500 psi and crushing force is up to 159 tons. Other standard features include: an advanced oil recovery system with dual sludge traps, a water separating valve and a 400-gallon “on-board” waste oil storage tank; remote control with two automatic crushing cycles, individual up and down cylinder control switches, and emergency stop; safety locks that can be placed to prevent the deck from falling; a lockable cabinet for valves and engine controls which provides additional storage; and magnetic marker lights next to the crushing chamber that can be easily moved or removed while crushing.

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