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Best Process Solutions (BPS)

Address 1071 Industrial Parkway North, Brunswick, OH, 44212, US
Tel 330-220-1440
Fax 330-220-1447

BPS manufactures a complete line of custom-engineered recycling and bulk material-handling equipment. With more than 100 years' combined experience, the company serves a wide variety of dry processing industries from chemicals and food to aggregates and recycling. 

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BPS System Controls designed for recycling equipment and operations

Maximizing productivity is a continuous concern for recycling operations, and the right control system can reduce headaches and streamline processes. According to  Ohio-based Best Process Solutions (BPS), the company's panel-building department can deliver quality controls with seamless integration into an existing system, or custom-designed, for a complete recycling line from beginning to end. 

Best Process Solutions offers magnet feeders for recycling

New Magnet feeders from Best Process Solutions (BPS) are designed to process ASR scrap from electronic equipment, and are ideal for a range of recycling facilities. These vibratory feeders are made of stainless steel to prevent the magnetization of material, which can lead to adhesion to the floor or walls of the feeder. BPS magnet feeders also feature dual-motor operation for counter-rotation for linear material movement, and can be customized to existing plant schematics of all sizes.

RecoverMax fines process recovers any metal greater than 1 millimeter

Ohio-based Best Process Solutions, Inc. (BPS) is flexing its innovative muscle with the company's groundbreaking recycling technology. While many companies separate metal pieces that are ½-inch or more, what about the rest? Nine million tons of auto shredder residue (ASR) goes to landfills every year containing over 1% of high value metals. Recyclers can efficiently recover these precious metals with the revolutionary RecoverMax Fines Process. The worldwide patent-pending RecoverMax Fines Process makes it possible.

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Replacement Components For Metso Feeders

Best Process Solutions (BPS) offers a full line of heavy-duty rotary-electric motors for vibratory equipment applications. They are direct replacement drives for all BEST and all Metso feeders.