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New blog from Enevo focused on sustainability, waste management, circular economy and waste technology

Enevo, based out of Finland, and with operations in the UK and North America, has announced a new company blog that covers topics within sustainability, waste management, circular economy and waste technology. According to Enevo, the new blog aims to address questions and topics important for Enevo customers involved in sustainable business practices, waste management and recycling, and also brings forward the people behind Enevo, providing a platform to share knowledge and insights within the industry.

Subscription-based container monitoring

Enevo ONe is an advanced sensor-based monitoring service designed to help optimize logistics. The core component of the system is a battery-powered wireless sensor that can measure fill-levels in different types of containers and tanks. The sensor is able to measure any type of solid or liquid material, as well as temperature and sudden movements of the container. Measurements are transmitted wirelessly via GSM-network to the Enevo ONe server.