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Nihot Recycling Technology

Address Generatorstraat 16, NL-1001 NM, Amsterdam, NL-1014 AT, NL
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BHS Mixed Waste system makes Bee'ah MRF largest and most advanced in region

Sharjah, UAE - Sharjah-based environmental management company Bee'ah is processing municipal solid waste (MSW) with the company's recently renovated material recovery facility (MRF). The 75 tonne-per-hour (tph) system is Bee'ah's premier MRF and features the latest in recovery technology from Eugene, Oregon-based Bulk Handling Systems (BHS) and its subsidiaries Nihot and National Recovery Technologies (NRT).

Nihot unveils SDS 650-i and SDS 800-i

Amsterdam-based Nihot Recycling Technology, a subsidiary of Bulk Handling Systems (BHS) has announced an update to its Single Drum Separator (SDS) product line by releasing the i-Series. It will initially be available in two sizes, the SDS 650-i and SDS 800-i. Both are self-contained, plug-and-play units that use negative pressure to separate materials based on density and shape.