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Mechanix Wear Canada Inc.

Address #103 2762 190th Street, Surrey, BC, CA
Phone 877-278-5822
Fax 877-278-5877
Email [email protected]

Mechanix Wear®. High Performance Work Gloves designed to help you Faster, Safer & Cleaner.

From the introduction of the Original Glove in 1991, Mechanix Wear has continually defined the state of high quality performance work gloves by adding products specifically designed to enhance comfort and resist extreme wear, temperatures and impact. Mechanix Wear can be found in tool boxes everywhere and are used for hundreds of applications from automobile work to construction & DIY home improvement; military; emergency services and industrial safety jobs.

Mechanix Wear “The Tool that fits like a glove”


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Mechanix Wear ORHD glove safeguards from impact injuries

The ORHD glove from Mechanix Wear is designed to combat impact injuries and enhance gripping power. Dual-density thermal plastic rubber safeguards knuckles and metacarpals from forceful impacts, while dual-density TPR with dedicated flex points provide critical pinch-point protection to the tip of each finger.