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Vertical balers offered in galvanized version with food-grade oil

Bramidan recently announced that they are now offering all vertical baler models in a galvanized version that uses “food grade” oil. This means there is no rust, and the balers can be placed outside, in wet environments, and in locations such as kitchens. Bramidan says the benefits of a galvanized surface compared to a special painted or a stainless machine include less expense than a stainless machine and longer life. 

GSM Solution for balers

Bramidan’s new GSM Solution is a modem, operating on a wireless network that can be installed on all Bramidan balers. These modems allow Bramidan or the distributor/service company to log on to a baler from any computer connected to the internet through a licensed software program, and change bale sizing, cycle times, press forces and other parameters through a single click. Additionally, once connected to a baler, technicians can perform diagnostics, including checking the heat of hydraulic oil and the motor, or checking switches that are not functioning.