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Vermeer low-speed shredder capable of processing contaminated waste streams

An excavator loads materials into a shredder
A Vermeer LS3600TX low-speed shredder Vermeer

Vermeer has unveiled the LS3600TX low-speed shredder. The LS3600TX is a single-shaft shredder that incorporates innovations that efficiently process contaminated waste streams and help safeguard critical machine components. The shredder is specifically designed to excel at processing various materials, including light construction and demolition waste, wood waste with contaminants, and municipal solid waste. It is well-suited for waste facilities and land clearing operations, as well as compost, mulch, and biofuel producers. 

Jeff Bradley, the recycling and forestry product manager at Vermeer, says that Vermeer has been a key manufacturer of high-speed grinders for the past 30 years. In those 30 years, recycling has become a common practice at waste-handling facilities. The addition of the LS3600TX low-speed shredder to Vermeer's lineup will help recyclers handle a wider range of materials, including contaminated materials that tub or horizontal grinders can't process.

Vermeer has designed the LS3600TX shredder with a strong focus on maintenance and accessibility. The engine bay of the LS3600TX prioritizes ease of maintenance and serviceability, featuring large access doors, multiple ladder points, and a spacious service platform. This design allows for quick and efficient maintenance. Additionally, the LS3600TX is equipped with a hydraulically operated access system that provides full exposure to the rotor, comb, and belly conveyor. Also, the belly conveyor can be easily removed without detaching the discharge conveyor, minimizing the invasiveness of service operations.

The LS3600TX shredder has a 456-hp (340 kW) CAT Tier 4 Final/Stage V engine. It operates at a sound level of only 111.9 db(A). The shredder features a tracked undercarriage, which enables operators to reposition and manoeuvre it around a job site. It also comes with a full-function remote control, allowing operators to adjust the feed, access machine data, and diagnose fault codes from the comfort of the feed loader's cab or a safe distance from the shredder.

The LS3600TX is equipped with a 10-foot (three-metre) long rotor featuring wear-resistant plates for enhanced durability and dual-bolt tips to help maintain clamp load. It utilizes individual bolt-in comb teeth, each with two usable edges, which extends their lifespan. The shredder is built with a fully mechanical driveline designed to optimize horsepower transfer to the rotor. To safeguard the driveline system against unshreddable objects, the LS3600TX includes a reversible mechanical transmission with an external torque limiter that will automatically disengage the drive when maximum torque is reached.

Vermeer offers an optional cross-band magnet for the LS3600TX to further enhance its capabilities. This magnet effectively reduces steel contaminants from the end material, minimizing contamination in the final product.

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