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Molok starts off 2017 with Clean Tech award for best recycling and waste management solutions

Molok Ltd of Finland and Molok North America of Canada have announced that Molok has been internationally recognized as leaders in sustainability by The New Economy Magazine – a quarterly technology, business and finance publication headquartered in London, England. Molok says they are in good company along with Google, Iceland, Tesla/Solar City, Resolute Forest Products and other award winners as it received the New Economy Clean Tech Award for Best Recycling and Waste Management Solutions. New Economy recognizes companies whose ideas, achievements, projects and solutions reflect innovation, long-term vision and leadership.

Molok North America celebrates 15th Anniversary, Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and PROFIT 500 ranking

Mount Forest, Ontario-based Molok North America Ltd. has many reasons to celebrate this year. May marked the company’s 15th year anniversary, and in June Marja Hillis, the company founder, was awarded with the Entrepreneur of the Year award. Plus, Molok North America was ranked on the PROFIT 500 for the second year in a row.

Alternative containment works in Kitchener

Municipalities and property owners are increasingly interested in alternatives to the traditional stand-alone dumpster, the unsightly wooden enclosure or, more recently, the fully enclosed and roofed structure. According to Mount Forest Ontario-based Molok North America, their Deep Collection system is a refuse and recyclables containment revolution that could drastically improve the way in which waste materials are dealt with.

Semi-Underground, Deep Collection System for waste and recyclables

Molok Deep Collection containers are engineered to provide users with an efficient way of managing waste and recyclables. The vertical, semi-underground design allows waste to compact, increasing container capacity, and the lower temperatures underground prevent odours and pests. Containers are emptied through the bottom of a reusable lifting liner using a hydraulic arm.

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