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Benzaco Scientific, Inc.

Address 5024 Garfield St. NW, Washington, DC, 20016, US
Phone 888-413-5800
Fax 815-280-0909
Email [email protected]

Company Description:

Benzaco Scientific, Inc. researches, designs, manufactures and applies state-of-the-art chemical and equipment technology for odor control. We are specialists. We only do odor control. It's not a side item, which means you get experts...not peddlers.

At Benzaco, our chemists have a deep understanding of the ability of specific naturally occuring compounds to negate foul odors. The scientific selection of these compounds is the core of Benzaco Scientific odor control technology and has taken many years to perfect. Benzaco Scientific, by utilizing it's proprietary chemical formulas in the ODOR-ARMOR® product line has a near 20 year proven track record and documented success of eliminating odors at industrial, waste-water, and solid waste management facilities.

The Benzaco Advantage

Why do business with Benzaco? We are specialists. We only do odor control. We are manufacturers. We research, design and manufacture our own chemical products and equipment. We are engineers who design, build, install and service our equipment and systems. We are partners in business with our clients. We want a customer for life not for just an order. We make it easy to do business   .

Active Face Odor Control
Diesel Turbine
Working Face Odors
Transfer Station Application

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