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Two-ram balers – rising star of recycling

If there's one thing in common with almost any material collected and processed in a recycling facility, it's this: it is bulky and difficult to handle. When it comes time to ship to end markets, the need to reduce that bulk for the sake of transportation costs and more efficient downstream processing is key. Balers serve this purpose for most recycling facilities. Product goes into the baler's hopper and comes out compacted and neatly squared off for easy storage, shipping and handling. 

Wide-box, closed-door, full-eject baler

Maren Engineering’s new ProPak60 baler features a 55-inch by 40-inch feed opening and Smart Bale technology that allows operators to select bale sizes for loading truck or sea containers. These units make 1,500-pound bales (as opposed to 1,100-pound bales) which allows loading of trucks with a single row of bales down the middle.