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Automated front loader combines Autocar, Curotto-Can and Heil technology

At the 2012 Waste Expo, Autocar, Curotto-Can and Heil introduced a new completely integrated, customer-driven solution called the Automated Front Loader. Dubbed by the companies as “the future of automation to haulers”, the offering combines a lightweight Heil Half/Pack Freedom front loader body with an Autocar Xpeditor chassis and a Curotto-Can Slammin’ Eagle container. 

Modified front loader

Designed in collaboration with The Curotto-Can company, Heil has updated its Half/Pack front loaders to improve integration with the Curotto-Can automated system. The Curotto-Can system, which is now a standard factory option for the Half/Pack, consists of an extendable arm attached to a collection can. The system is mounted onto a front loader’s forks to enable haulers to utilize refuse collection vehicles for automated refuse and recycling collection in addition to commercial collection. The latest Half/Pack improvements, including minor structural and optimized electrical and hydraulic control systems, are designed to enhance performance when using the Curotto-Can.