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Automated front loader combines Autocar, Curotto-Can and Heil technology

Automated front loader combines Autocar, Curotto-Can and Heil technology

At the 2012 Waste Expo, Autocar, Curotto-Can and Heil introduced a new completely integrated, customer-driven solution called the Automated Front Loader. Dubbed by the companies as “the future of automation to haulers”, the offering combines a lightweight Heil Half/Pack Freedom front loader body with an Autocar Xpeditor chassis and a Curotto-Can Slammin’ Eagle container. 

According to Tom Vatter, vice president of sales and marketing at Autocar, the new integrated automated front loader system gives haulers a significant edge in productivity and payload. “We’ve come to this evolution in automated pickup through practical application,” said Vatter.   

Heil’s Half/Pack Freedom front loader can carry 11+ tons in its 28 cubic yard body, weighs only 15,000 pounds, features a 12 cubic yard hopper, and boasts an arm lifting capacity of 8,000 pounds. This, says Heil, makes it an ideal collection unit for areas with stringent weight restrictions and for haulers who want to transport the largest legal payload without the worry of incurring overweight citations.

The Autocar Xpeditor chassis is a lightweight chassis that offers extremely high strength-to-weight ratio coupled with excellent chassis-to-body integration. Plus, Autocar and Heil have worked closely to seamlessly incorporate Heil’s factory-installed CNG fuel delivery systems with the Xpeditor chassis.

The Slammin’ Eagle front loader container from Curotto-Can completes the Automated Front Loader package, featuring a four- to five-second stop time with a smaller lifting arc for less cart damage and a low load height for “take-all” routes. In addition, the Slammin’ Eagle offers drivers “eyes forward” ergonomics for both dumping and driving, and enables drivers to spot contaminants before they reach the hopper. 

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