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For 40 years, Perkins Manufacturing has been an industry pioneer in the design and manufacturing of cart and container lifters. From the industry-changing D6000C Tipper that started the Tuckaway line to the ultra-advanced D6080C Helical Rotary Tuckaway, to our new automated systems, our simple designs and durable construction set the standard.

Perkins ‘s commitment to quality and to our customers is unmatched. Perkins Manufacturing is dedicated to continuously developing and perfecting customer-focused solutions and providing our customers with a product that delivers the lowest total cost of ownership.

PAS Perkins Automated Sideloader

Convert your semi-automated side loader into a fully automated unit. The PAS has a fast 10 second full cycle time with an extra-long 55’’reach and features a powerful 400lb lift capacity, operated with in the driver cab.

Model 6098 Auto Folding Arm Lifter

The D6098 grabs and dumps a wide variety of automated-compatible carts with a powerful 27K rotary actuator and a 3 year limited warranty.

Model D6260 US/European Combo Cart Lifter

For a combined route of American and European carts, features a powerful 27K rotary actuator and a 3 year limited warranty.

Model D6745 US/European Combo Tuck-Away Cart Lifter

Features a cart grabbing action that lifts carts on uneven terrain and varying heights in a combined route of American and European carts, with a powerful 27K rotary actuator and a 3 year limited warranty.

Model D41600 Electric Self-contained Cart Lifter

Eliminates the need for a hydraulic pump. The Lifter may be installed on a Front Load Container, Compactor or Industrial Stand for dockside. Rated capacity of 350lbs, available on 12v DC and 110v AC.

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Cane Lifter - container lifting technology

Perkins Manufacturing's Cane lifter is ideal for installation on a side loader, roll-off container, or as an industrial lifter on a dockside stand. These units work well for food waste because of tubular tough construction and the ability to lift up to 500 pounds. Perkins can custom-design this lifter to the height, depth and capacity needed for a user’s application, or standard units are available. Carriages are available to lift US-type and European-type bins up to 1,100 litres, or barrel-grabber style arms are available.  

Versatile cart lifter

The model D6745-27k cart lifter, one of the latest offerings from Perkins, is designed to lift both US style ANSI type B carts as well as European style ANSI type C carts. It dumps high and deep into the hopper for extra productivity, emptying more carts into the hopper before compaction, which saves wear and tear on trucks and time for operators.

Automated Side Loader for residential pick up

The Perkins Automated Sideloader (PAS) has undergone many improvements since its introduction in 2007. These units are designed to retrofit to an existing drop-frame manual sideloader and convert it to a fully automated residential collection unit.